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One great benefit of locating inside the Freeport Zone is the tax exemption privileges. According to Sec. 43 of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the SBMA:



Sec. 43 Tax Exemption – SBF Enterprises shall be exempted from all national and local taxes, including but not limited to the following:



  • Customs and import duties and national internal revenue taxes, such as VAT, excise and ad valorem taxes on foreign articles;


  • Internal revenue taxes, such as VAT, ad valorem and excise taxes on their sales of goods and services for which they are directly liable;


  • Income tax on all income from sources within the SBF and foreign countries, Export Processing Zones, Bonded Warehouses and other Special Economic Zones within the Philippines, as well as all other areas that may now or hereafter be considered to be outside the Customs Territory, whether or not payment of such income is actually received; made or collected within such areas; provided, that SBF Enterprises shall, as withholding agents for the National Government, withhold tax on compensation and income payments to persons or individuals subject to expanded withholding tax; and


  • Franchise, common carrier or value added taxes and other percentage taxes on public and service utilities and enterprises within the SBF.


The above-mentioned tax exemption privileges enable investors and future-investors to liberally add additional capital-related equipment and vehicles without the burden of paying expensive import duties and taxes. These exemptions allow the investors to enjoy doing business inside the Freeport without fear of loosing too much earnings from internal revenue collections.




The location of the Global Industrial Park and all the GTI-managed areas has been strategic for the US Navy during its time. The port being central to the function of the former US Base, the SRF then was one of the busiest, if not the busiest of all the areas of the Naval Base.


Today, as the Freeport gears towards being the premier investment haven in the Southeast Asian region, the Global Industrial Park area remains one of the most strategic business locations inside the Subic Freeport Area.


Right in the middle of the three most important piers of Subic Bay and in the middle of the Central Business District, the Global Industrial Park offers the perfect location to any business undertaking. Whether it’s a marine-based business, ship building, ship repair, manufacturing, warehousing, BPO or even commercial and tourist-based enterprises, the former SRF area can serve any business purpose.


To sum up the advantages of Global Terminals and Development Incorporated in terms of investment, these important points should be kept in mind:


  • High Area Development Accomplishments (One of the highest inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone)

  • Stability in Increased Revenue Earnings from Subleases since 2004

  • Strategic Location for any Industrial and any Commercial Business Endeavor

  • Great Development Potential for Port-related Businesses

  • Exclusivity with port management and other port-related auxiliary services

  • Total Control, Management and Development of the former US NAVY Ship Repair Facility

  • Tax Exemption Privileges of the SBMA Charter


Benefits from Global Commercial / Industrial Park Area

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